Our business language training is bespoke. Whether for engineers, managers or scientists: we develop the appropriate language training tailored to the individual client.

Every company and department has its very own topics which need to be communicated. That is why we develop bespoke language courses in close coordination with you, to meet your needs. How do we do this?

ModellWe systematically highlight the language requirement and accompany you even at your work place, if required. In this way, we know exactly which communication tasks you need to overcome in your job. Taking part in conferences, leading negotiations, writing tenders or managing projects: we make your language goals the content.

We develop our training modules parallel to the course and always up to date, so you can always have an influence on the topics and content. This means you will only ever learn what you really need. If required, we can also support you online in our virtual seminar room.

The transfer of learning content in practice is guaranteed using our methods. Clearly defined project goals help us to evaluate the standard achieved and identify progress. Your investment achieves measurable success.

Your benefit:

The language training is always goal-oriented and offers the ideal preparation for all important situations in working life. This means faster success and saves valuable time.

Our service:

  • developing a comprehensive training concept for your company
  • flexible appointments, also on short notice
  • individual and small group courses
  • all areas and subjects
  • in-house training and online courses
  • the course can be interrupted or cancelled at any time
  • German, English, Spanish and many more languages