Learning a language is a very individual process; everybody learns in a different way. With our bespoke language courses we take this fact into account.

Our language trainers make use of the manifold possibilities of modern language lessons and are always guided by your language needs. This also means: We constantly need your input and your feedback.

Communication works at its best with fun and good will. Our language trainers create attractive and vivid lessons and integrate intercultural topics.

For our business courses we use our many years of experience to develop a 100 % bespoke language course for you. As a matter of course we determine all topics and course content together. But also the exercises, conversations and texts refer to your industry and your individual everyday work.

Our leisure language courses take place in your home, where you can learn conveniently with our private teacher. We determine the goals together with you and are usually guided by one or more textbooks. Furthermore, we use very different methods such as role plays, dialogues, listening exercises, visualisations, etc.